News: Flagstaff, AZ Sept 6th, 2018

Howdy Friends!

Flagstaff - and still getting settled into my new place here. I've been keeping busy with gigs around town and did a run to New Mexico which was awesome - I was able to spend some time in Taos - one of my favorite spots. Coming into Fall and I do have some shows on the schedule and looking forward to 'em - and a little run to Colorado too.

Last week as I was in my home alone, I set up the microphones and recording gear and got 10 songs done. I added some simple overdubs and today uploaded them to my Soundcloud page. Give them a listen when you get a chance -


On Friday, March 31 I released the new album These Motel Days online. It had taken awhile for it to all come together and I'm happy and glad that it's been released. It can be found on CD Baby at and on ITUNES.

yours truly,