News: Los Angeles, January 19th, 2018

Howdy Friends!

I'm very happy to have this page up and running again and it will continue running from now on. The last time I was on here was in April 2017 and my band was getting ready to head to the Lightning In A bottle Festival in May. Well, that went well and I was able to hit the road a few times  after that.

So now here we are in 2018. I'm still car-less but working on making that change. I still have the songs for the new album recorded but haven't been able to get them properly mixed. Getting the new album out is more important than getting a new car so I'll be pushing that more and make sure that happens this year.

Already this year I have some shows booked on the road - through the Southwest so far - February and early April - and I'm hoping to get back to the Midwest and Nashville later and also hoping to make it to the UK - but we'll see how much that I can do.

Happy New Year and I'll keep you posted on new news!

yours truly,