News: Los Angeles, April 14, 2018

Howdy Friends!

On Friday, March 31 I released the new album These Motel Days online. It had taken awhile for it to all come together and I'm happy and glad that it's been released. It can be found on CD Baby at and on ITUNES.

The trip through the Southwest was eventful - there was good and bad - the bad being my friend's car breaking down after we barely made it over the Rocky Mountains to get to our gig in Fort Collins. We were stranded there a few days and eventually something was figured out and we made it back to LA after a long haul from Fort Collins. We had our friend, Todd, taking care of us while we were there. He owns a t-shirt company that makes the t-shirts for most of the breweries in the area - so if you need t-shirts made check out Go West!

There are a couple of trips coming up and some shows around LA. Check out the dates and come out if you can! And check out These Motel Days!

yours truly,